colin schroeder

Authorize.Net Certified Developer

why monkeys?

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With over 20 years' software development experience, Colin has been coding since before the emergence of the modern Internet.  His extensive experience with SQL database design/development, data interfaces, and systems integration is a powerful asset to our clients with data-centric Web applications and real-time financial transaction processing requirements.

​Colin is an experienced web developer, using Microsoft .NET, Javascript,  HTML & CSS, XML, and SOAP/Webservices​. He is also experienced with internet data security, helping clients store customer data securely and achieve critically important PCI/DSS compliance. 


The idea that "1000 monkeys with typewriters, given an infinite amount of time, could create the entire works of Shakespeare."

(see Wikipedia article), has been around for many years in various forms.  Undoubtedly, it has been extended to cover the entire Internet as well.

​But you don't need to create the Internet, and you don't have an infinite amount of time.  You don't need an army of monkeys to reach your goals.  You just need 999Monkeys!